Here you will find information about medicinal herbs and their usage to strengthen health, about illness treatments through phytotherapy as well as updates on our projects and wellness news.

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28 03.17

Herbal tea blend “Taste of Gauja valley”

Herbal tea blend “Taste of Gauja valley” combines delicate bouquet of forest raspberry leaves, fire weed tops, peppermint, hazel-tree leaves, […]
28 03.17

Phytotherapy – herbal treatments to improve health

Phytotherapy –  the use of plant-derived medications in the treatment and prevention of disease. Phytotherapy is a science-based medical practice […]
28 03.17

Betuliver – food supplement to enhance liver function

Food supplement BETULIVER with birch bark extract containing betulin.   “Betulin is an extract from bark of the white birch […]


Herbal therapy 2. Liver disease phytotherapy. Phytotherapy in oncology and in treatment of joint illnesses.

Library of phytotherapeutist Artūrs Tereško. This book contains everything he knows about tratment of liver diseases with medicinal herbs as […]

“Holy Garden of Medicinal herbs”. Library of phytotherapist Arturs Teresko.

Book acquaints readers with herbal tea making secrets, author gives  tips on how to recover health even if it lost […]


Health tea “Garden of Nature”

Tea is suitable also for daily use; it is not only tasty but also helps to maintain stable functions of body. […]

Health tea for “HEART”

Combines herbs which eases heart rate, decreases blood pressure. There is certain mixture of herbs in health tea  which is […]

Health tea “REST AND RELAX”

Tea for calmness; it can be used in the mornings for nervousness and tensed nerves. Nature has provided us with […]