Health tea “Garden of Nature”

Tea is suitable also for daily use; it is not only tasty but also helps to maintain stable functions of body. […]

Health tea for “LIVER”

Combined herbs have a quality of stimulating liver functions, lessening inflammations as well as renewal of liver cells. Includes herbs […]

Health tea for “GALLBLADDER”

Combined herbs have a quality of stimulating gall formation and gall discharge, lessening inflammations and soothing of aches. Health tea […]


Helps body to prevent gallstone formation and initiate dissolving. Herbs included in the tea are: Common yarrow and wormwood – […]

Health tea “BATH-HOUSE”

Combines herbs which stimulate sweating, body purification and has restorative effect to the body. During the bathhouse procedures sweating intensifies […]

Health tea for “SKIN”

Combined herbs have a quality of lessening allergies and inflammations, improving metabolism. To improve the condition of the skin, all […]

Health tea “MENOPAUSE”

Contains herbs that have abilities to regulate hormone metabolism as well as decreasing of blood pressure and sweating. These herbs […]

Health tea for “Blood – Vessels”

Tones veins, prevents capillary split, and works against any inflammations. Health tea contains  equal mixture of hazel peel and hazel […]

Health tea for “HEART VIGOUR”

Contains herbs which help to lessen the threat of heart failure and enlarge blood-vessels. There are certain herbs which added […]

Health tea for “HEART”

Combines herbs which eases heart rate, decreases blood pressure. There is certain mixture of herbs in health tea  which is […]

Health tea “TONUS”

Tones up body and normalizes mood, activates inner reserves of the body and increases ability to adapt to inimical conditions. […]

Health tea “BE YOUNG”

Contains herbs that indirectly improve inner organ functions and slows down aging process. Tea enhances physical and spiritual power; by […]

Health tea “REST AND RELAX”

Tea for calmness; it can be used in the mornings for nervousness and tensed nerves. Nature has provided us with […]

Health tea for STOMACH”

Improves digestive tract functions, strengthens overall and stomach’s local immunity, lessens a chance to repeatedly acquire stomach inflammation; stimulates faster […]

Health tea “YOUR STOMACH”

Contains herbs which enhance secretion of digestive juice, lessens inflammations, eliminates gut spasms and bloating, also stimulates stomach mucous membrane […]

Health tea “FASTING”

Health tea  lessens appetite, enhances metabolism and improves overall health condition. Yellow rocket, heart’s ease, couch-grass – activate metabolism Crane’s […]