Health tea “BATH-HOUSE”

Combines herbs which stimulate sweating, body purification and has restorative effect to the body. During the bathhouse procedures sweating intensifies and body purifies.

For health not to be affected, lost liquid needs to be regained. For this, tea is one of the best drinks during bathhouse visit. Health tea contains following herbs:

Linden blossoms, raspberry leaves and birch leaves – stimulate sweating

Fireweed leaves and blossoms – stimulate gut functions

Dragon-head tops – has an effect on liver renewal

 St. John’s wort – strengthens immunity and uplifts the mood

All of these herbs contain essential vitamins and micro-elements. Health tea can be used before, during steaming or after bathhouse visit.
Net wt: 63 g

Content: Linden blossoms, raspberry leaves and birch leaves, Fireweed leaves and blossoms, Dragon-head tops, St. John’s wort

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