Health tea “BE YOUNG”

Contains herbs that indirectly improve inner organ functions and slows down aging process.

Tea enhances physical and spiritual power; by using this tea people feel younger, stronger; it helps to start healthier lifestyle which leads to being younger longer.

Milk thistle leaves and seeds – improve liver functions

Oat – provides body with necessary microelements and vitamins

St. John’s wort tops– decreases formation of depression and improves digestion

Osier peels – „liquidizes” blood by this lessening heart attack or stroke threat

Hawthorn berries – slows down hearts pulse which gives a heart chance to rest more

Periwinkle leaves – enlarges blood vessels and decreases blood pressure

Net wt: 70 g

Content: Milk thistle leaves and seeds, Oat, St. John’s wort tops, Osier peels, Hawthorn berries, Periwinkle leaves

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