Health tea for “GALLBLADDER”

Combined herbs have a quality of stimulating gall formation and gall discharge, lessening inflammations and soothing of aches. Health tea for Gallbladder contains herbs that stimulate discharge of digestion juice and especially gall:

Horse-heal, bogbean and common yarrow – stimulates galls discharge from bile-duct

Barberry and agrimonies – lessens bile-duct spasms, enhances pancreas and stomach secretion,stimulates the activity of digestive organs and improves overall health condition

Yellow sweet clover – contributes to the renewal of liver cells and improves liver function

Tea has a gall-driving effect and it helps to prevent indigestion that arise from gall-blocking.

Net wt: 60 g

Content: Horse-heal, bogbean and common yarrow, Barberry and agrimonies, Yellow sweet clover

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