Helps body to prevent gallstone formation and initiate dissolving.

Herbs included in the tea are:

Common yarrow and wormwood – regulates functions of digestive system and prevents inflammations in digestive tract

Peppermint – lessens spasms in gall-duct

Yellow sweet clover – contributes to the renewal of liver cells

Sticky catchfly, heather and bean-pods – liquidize gall, improves liver functions and preventssalt precipitation

Chicory – stimulates pancreas functions

Fireweed – stimulates gut functions and prevents constipation

For best results health tea must be used for a longer period, at least half a year. It is advisable to monitor health condition with Gallbladder’s ultrasonic tests.

Net wt: 64 g

Content: Common yarrow and wormwood, Peppermint, Yellow sweet clover, Sticky catchfly, heather and bean-pods, Chicory, Fireweed

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