Health tea for “HEART VIGOUR”

Contains herbs which help to lessen the threat of heart failure and enlarge blood-vessels. There are certain herbs which added to nutriment will improve heart functions, lessen shortness of breath, makes heart pulse slower yet stronger, and increase workability.

St. John’s wort – blood purifying resource, normalizes blood pressure, wound healing and mood uplifter

Cotton thistle – enhances heart muscle systole and lessens shortage of breath

Motherwort – improves heart functions, calming ability by which heart’s blood vessels enlarge and heart pulse slows down

Buckwheat tops with blossoms – contains C and PP vitamins which provide blood vessel wall elasticity and durability which then lessen heart attack or stroke threat

Meadowsweet blossoms – lessens oedema and amount of extra liquids in the abdomen

Arnica – tone up ability, improves blood supply for heart and enhances heart muscle systole

Net wt: 63 g

Content: St. John’s wort , Cotton thistle, Motherwort, Buckwheat tops with blossoms, Meadowsweet blossoms, Arnica

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