Health tea for “HEART”

Combines herbs which eases heart rate, decreases blood pressure. There is certain mixture of herbs in health tea  which is aimed for everyday use for the prophylaxis of heart diseases:

Crane’s bill tops and dill seeds – lessen the blood pressure

Marjoram tops – improves digestion and liver functions

Field horsetail tops – enhances kidney functions

Motherwort tops – regulates hearts pulse, lessens tension

Hawthorn blossoms – enlarges blood vessels, prevents turbulences in hearts pulse

Meadowsweet blossoms – blood vessel, especially heart, enlargement

Birch leaves – enhances kidney functions and metabolism

Net wt: 62 g

Content: Crane’s bill tops and dill seeds, Field horsetail tops , Motherwort tops, Hawthorn blossoms , Meadowsweet blossoms, Marjoram tops

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