Health tea for “LIVER”

Combined herbs have a quality of stimulating liver functions, lessening inflammations as well as renewal of liver cells. Includes herbs that improve the liver cell activity:

Milk thistle – helps to renew the pellicle of liver cells

Dandelion – stimulates the formation of gall and stimulates the activity of all digestive organs

Yellow sweet clover – contributes to the renewal of liver cells

Agrimonies and Dragon’s head – stimulates reflux of the gall through bile-duct

Barberry, peppermint and chicory – stimulates galls discharge from bile-duct

Sticky catchfly – lessens the possibility of gallstone formation

St. John’s wort – stimulates digestion, enhances metabolism, uplifts the mood

Net wt: 66 g

Content: Milk thistle, Dandelion, Yellow sweet clover, Agrimonies and Dragon’s head , Barberry, peppermint and chicory, Sticky catchfly, St. John’s wort

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