Health tea for “SKIN”

Combined herbs have a quality of lessening allergies and inflammations, improving metabolism. To improve the condition of the skin, all body needs to be healed. Tea contains following herbs:

Trifid bur-marigold – lessens allergic reactions

St. John’s wort tops – improves functions of digestion system

Oats – contains proteins needed for skin, beneficial to kidney functioning

Marigold blossoms – lessens skin inflammations and heals wounds but also stimulates skin renewal process

Field horsetail tops – beneficial to kidney functions, meaning, it stimulates body depuration, adrenal functions which results to strengthening of skin’s elastic cellular tissues and lessens allergic reactions

Black currant leaves – contains a lot of vitamins, microelements and essential oils, as well as flavonoids that by working together, strengthen capillaries and improves blood supply for skin

Nettle leaves – these are used to heal nettle-rash, ulcer, furunculosis, vasculitis, seborrhea, dermatitis, burn, psoriasis, bilde-duct inflammation, stomach and duodenum ulcer and especially anemia caused by iron deficit

Plantain leaves – stimulates skin and mucous membrane wound healing and renewal.


! Tea is not advisable for people with allergic reaction to herb pollen.

Net wt: 64 g

Content: Plantain leaves, Nettle leaves, Black currant leaves, Trifid bur-marigold, St. John’s wort tops, Oats, Marigold blossoms , Field horsetail tops

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