Health tea for STOMACH”

Improves digestive tract functions, strengthens overall and stomach’s local immunity, lessens a chance to repeatedly acquire stomach inflammation; stimulates faster recovery. Combined herbs have a quality of lessening stomach acid and inflammations, as well as easing of spasms:

Common yarrow blossoms – lessens inflammations and stops erosive bleeding if occurred

Chicory root – enhances pancreas functions and discharge of insulin

St. John’s wort – destroys bacteria, lessens inflammations and enhances stomach mucous membrane renewal

Red clover blossoms – enhances stomach mucous membrane regeneration and makes it inaccessible for bacteria

Oval-leaf knotweed – enhances formation of conjunctive tissues that is important when healing stomach or duodenum inflammation or ulcer

Crane’s bill tops – lessens stomach acid secretion

Marjoram tops – stimulates digestion, lessens spasms and calms down

Heather blossoms – normalizes vegetative nervous system

Net wt: 64 g

Content: Common yarrow blossoms, Chicory root, St. John’s wort, Red clover blossoms, Oval-leaf knotweed, Crane’s bill tops, Marjoram tops, Heather blossoms.

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