Health tea “MENOPAUSE”

Contains herbs that have abilities to regulate hormone metabolism as well as decreasing of blood pressure and sweating. These herbs are:

Mayflower berries – balances blood pressure and heart rate

Dog rose fruits – stimulates adrenal gland functions

Lady’s Mantle tops – regulates hormone level

Chamomile blossoms – lessens gut spasms and stomach bloating

Motherwort tops – improves heart functions and calms nerves

Salvia tops – prevents hormonal misbalance by lessening pro-lactin level

Common yarrow blossoms – prevents inflammations and calms vegetative nervous system

Marigold blossoms – A vitamin source, stimulates cell regeneration

Common hop spike– contains phyto-oestrogens

St.John’s wort – works against depression

Net wt: 70 g

Content: St.John’s wort, Common hop spike, Marigold blossoms, Common yarrow blossoms, Salvia tops, Motherwort tops, Chamomile blossoms , Lady's Mantle tops , Dog rose fruits, Mayflower berries

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